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Tourism In Egypt

Tourism In Egypt

Tourism In Egypt Mysterious treasures hidden in a rich cultural and archaeological almost unimaginable, it is difficult to think of Egypt without mentioning the Sphinx, the Pyramids of Giza, Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, and the Nile. Besides being the open-air museum world largest Egypt also offers many luxurious holiday complexes in the Red Sea, many of which put diving at your fingertips, spectacular snorkeling, and windsurfing.


Cairo is the capital of Egypt, where millions of people live that make real metropolitan traffic and movement, is also the largest city in Africa and the Middle East. A city is a magical place that does not cease to amaze visitors with its wonders, with the most impressive monuments and buildings which offer loans as well as areas AquaLogic's and museums, it is an undisputed destination to visit if you are in Egypt. It is also known as the "City of a Thousand minarets," It originated in the Pharaonic era but recently in 642 after an invasion, where they erected the camp that would then be Cairo.


This wonderful city which has received several names in its history is divided between the banks of the River Nile, east and west, and being only a few meters from Cairo, also represents another beauty that can not be accessed. With a past rich in architecture and history, can not fail to mention the temples of Luxor and Karnak, sites really formidable. The city is mysteriously beautiful, and the visitor can learn a little more about the secrets of Egypt, a unique destination for concocters, and enjoy a unique experience.


Tourism In Egypt

Also known as Dyeb by ancient Egyptians, and as Apolinopolis Magna by the Greeks and Romans, the town of Edfu, a destination of astonishing beauty, lies within walking distance of Luxor, and as she is, owner of great mysteries, such as what is your temple of 237 BC, it is the best preserved and most beautiful around the country, and that is undoubtedly one of the strongest attractions of the place.

Kom Ombo

Tourism In Egypt

This temple that was born during the reign, which is located within walking distance of the Nile, is divided into two parts, which are solely dedicated to two gods of triads, so it begins, with the wonderful mysteries that embodies the temple. The first part is then devoted to the trio of Sobek (crocodile god), HathorTasenetnofret (the goddess sister) and Panebtawy (his mother), and Jonsu (his brother), and the second part of the triad of Horus, Mr of the countries. The place carries an air of mysterious and captivation, making the visitor feel he has traveled through time in the size and space, and that nothing of what separates the secrets of Egypt.


Tourism In Egypt

Its origin dates from 2575-2143 a. C., and this is the most important city in Upper Egypt, initially, called Swenet, and was the main market of exchange and the main means of marketing that interacted with Egyptian Nubia. It also was recognized for being the point from which the valuable material was extracted from the granite, which is towards the buildings. The city is a marvel in beauty, and even today we bring the past with magnificent structures such as the Unfinished Obelisk, the Mausoleum of Agha Jan, and even the modern High Dam and the Nubian Museum, among many other things. A place is full of history and testimony.

Nubia and Lake Nasser

Tourism In Egypt

The original Nubian ceased to exist long ago, since the construction of the Aswan Dam, Lake Nasser has the covered completely, and instead of just the name is primitive. But by the eagerness of trying to salvage a little of their history, has been undertaken since the mid-90 ', and cruise ship visits, which make several stops to visit the buildings that have been rescued from the water.

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