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Bibliotheca Alexandrina                    مكتبة الاسكندرية       see video 

The new library design includes four levels below ground and six upper floors from the highest point of the steep roof ring (see Figure 1, "a") and this figure represents an unusual creations submitted by Snohetta. In spite that the building was designed to live for more than 200 years but there are some fears and doubts non possibility of achieving that period of time owing to the library near the site of the Mediterranean coast, which is away from Suu only 40 meters only. The absolute necessity to allow the entry rate of less direct sunlight may impose certain restrictions on the direction of the library addition, the building itself is supported on the basis of concrete stakes concrete. The new Alexandria Library, which occupies approximately the same archaeological site of the ancient library of Alexandria characterized italics circular roof to reduce the entry of direct sunshine of the building to a minimum in the right corner of the lower part of the picture there Planetarium in diameter and 18 meters The size of these projects are along the 24 × 24 meters contemptible We have established a nearby celestial dome and the Museum of scientific Hassira only concrete without the need for any stakes. The ten-story library al-Tuffah area is covered with oval cover of a major axis measured 60 metres. It is all levels lower underwater internists. As for the engineering design of the building has to take into account the order in the career of shelves and offices devoted to reading in areas similar size 14.4 × 9.6 m.

These are spaces under the roof slope by 16 meters in a series of floors with a height of 4.2 metres. In any case, newspapers and terrestrial surface circuits are genuine in the horizontal surface and are given the tendency of cylindrical form an angle of 8 degrees helicopter. As is the case with the British Library in London, the body of the building dive down the ground to protect the precious contents of factors external environment. The reading rooms are open several salient feature of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, with the reading of Section 2500 lead to seven balconies. We have been stockpiling books bottom of this balconies to facilitate access

Bibliotheca Alexandrina at night مكتبة الاسكندرية في الليل
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Bibliotheca Alexandrina  مكتبة الاسكندرية
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Bibliotheca Alexandrina  مكتبة الاسكندرية
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