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Safari tour

Safari tour

Safari in Egypt 
The desert oasis in the west contains 5, known to most of the fans by the African safari. The African Safari tours range between 5 and 10 days. The best places to Safari in Egypt: The desert of western Egypt is a unique and wonderful place to enjoy the safari in Egypt, due to make the existing beach, in addition to the great history of the GM II because he can see the great Sea Arenal where everything was buried by the army of Cambyses the strong sand storm. You can also enjoy the safari in Sinai, where you can visit the Monastery of Santa Catalina by Jeep, climb the Mountain of Moses or do a walk through the camel in the desert.

Safari tour

Hurghada is one of the ideal places for safari because of its proximity to the desert, its colorful mountains, and canyons. You can spend many days covering interesting parts of the Western Desert in Egypt, including a few days to discover unknown areas in Gabal Uainat and El Kebir The Gelf. The best time for the Safari in Egypt: To enjoy the Safari tours in Egypt, were advised to avoid hot flashes months (May to September), while the best time is from October to April, far from the summer season. What is needed during the tour safari: Light clothing is recommended during the tour in the desert; a jersey and jacket for the night of winter. Safari in Egypt a Dream When we talk about Egypt, we believe the pyramids, it is undoubtedly the reason for 80% stay in Egypt. Serving as a bridge between Africa and the Suez Canal, Egypt is one of the most visited countries in North Africa.

Safari tour

Mountain of Smoke
The Red Sea mountain ranges of the finest eastern desert landmarks, especially the mountain, "Chaib girls" Egypt's second highest mountain after Mount St. Catherine in the Sinai.
There are "smoke" near the Mount of the city of magnificent archaeological Romania, and unique in the world, a halo of smoke, which is preparing for the warden to mount it as emanating from the summit, which is produced by the color of its rocks granite dark brown Almosah beige, called rocks Albonfred, of which there is an obelisk in the Vatican, which also built the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte!

Safari tour

In addition to the above, abound in the Eastern Desert rich oases of palm trees, water wells, an oasis "or high" oasis "infidels", historical stones containing writings dating back to pre-history, monuments of Pharaonic Khammam Cleopatra, and the valley Alfoackher, and wild animals, deer, and reptiles.
In the Holy Sinai desert, we have Mount St. Catherine months, and if we went to Nuweiba Stzhrna sure the "Keller Canyon," rich colored rocks panoramic area .. and many other images of beauty that astound visitors.

Safari tour

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