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Cruise Egypt Night nile river البواخر النيلية

Cruise holidays

Valley of The Kings

All the kings and high-ranking officials during that period were buried in what is now called the Valley of the Kings of Thutmose I Dynasty 18 from the time of the New Kingdom, and the Valley of the Kings consists of two separate branches.  The main eastern branch, called Ta or "great place," where most of the royal tombs are located, and the largest branch, the West, where cut only a few graves.Valley of the Kings is home to 62 cemeteries to date, excavated by Egyptologists and archaeologists from many countries. Some of the graves date back to a distinctive nobility Cemeteries known are available and open to the public.  A tenth of the tombs, including Tutankhamun, Ramses VI, Amenhotep II, and the first City, were placed with electric lighting.

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Hatshepsut Temple

Hatshepsut Temple is the best preserved of the three complexes.

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Edfu Temple

Edfu Temple was built during the reigns of the six Ptolemies.
 Work began in 237 BC by Ptolemy III and finished in 57 BC.
 It is second only to Karnak. It was believed that the temple was built in the great battle between Horus and Seth site.

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Kom Ombo Temple

Located in the city of Kom Ombo, about 28 miles north of Aswan, Kom Ombo Temple, dating to the Ptolemaic period, is built on a high dune overlooking the Nile. The actual temple was started by Ptolemy VI in the early second century BC.

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Cruises on the Nile
Alexandria, the second city of the Roman Empire for five centuries, meets for its relics of ancient glories. Far from the most frequented sites, the green oasis that punctuates the western desert offers the traveler a different image of Egypt: there, the adventure awaits you at the heart of the great outdoors. And if you still thirst for culture, monasteries in the desert and mountains Sinài legendary indulge in history ...
 Finally, at hand your journey, choose Hurghada, anchored in a wildlife site, or Sharm el Sheikh, which offers the sun throughout the year, beautiful beaches, and the sea bed of great wealth

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