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Pyramids & the Sphinx‏

The Pyramids
It is the Egyptian pharaohs who have built for themselves from 2630 to 1645 BC. J.C., tombs in the shape of pyramids. Although all the pyramids were built for the same purpose, they differ in their shape, size, internal plans and many other components.
There are four kinds of pyramids:
Pyramids with degrees (The first pyramids called "pyramids primitive" dating from the Third Dynasty.)
The pyramids classics (from the beginning of the Fourth Dynasty and are the culmination of the pyramids in degrees)
The pyramids rhomboïdales
The Pyramids in the shape of a sarcophagus
The pyramid, in the Neterikhet, better known as Djoser, was built shortly after 2630 BC. J.C. Djoser is the first pyramid in the history of Egypt and the oldest building in the world built entirely of stone that has these dimensions. According to its poorly defined, we can see that the architecture of the monument was still hesitant. The building was started as a large mastaba and then ended the pyramid to six degrees. It traditionally attributed to the design architect Imhotep (it was found inscribed the name of Imhotep on the pedestal of a statue of Djoser).
One room serdab "close" to the Pyramid of Djoser contained a statue of the pharaoh sitting, this is the first large stone statue royal ever known in Egypt.
The king of Sekhemkhet (successor of Djoser) wanted to be building a monument to greater degrees, but this remained unfinished pyramid and gradually disappeared in the sand. Thus it became known as "pyramid buried."
The whole funeral Shepseskaf, one of the last kings of the Fourth Dynasty, is a pyramid-shaped sarcophagus known as Faraoun Mastaba.
Userkaf, 1st King of the Fifth Dynasty, built his pyramid near the northeast corner of the entire Djoser, but his successors abandoned Saqqara for Abousir. The return to Saqqara was launched by Menkahouker, but the pyramid of Pharaoh no claim has yet been located. The pyramid's successor Menkahouker, Isési, was built at Saqqara south.
The pyramid of Unas, the last king of the Fifth Dynasty, is located near the corner enseinte west of the pyramid of Djoser degrees. The walls of the inner passages of this pyramid cover what is called the texts of the pyramids, incantations to help the pharaoh dead in the afterlife. These incantations should be recited during the funeral. The pyramid of Unas was the first to contain incantations and custom became widespread in the pyramids of the Old Kingdom.
The pyramid Téti, founder of the sixth dynasty, the pyramid is the most royal of northern Saqqara. The other pharaohs of the dynasty, Pepi I, and Merenrê Pepi II, brought their choice on Saqqara south.
The small brick pyramid Ibi little-known pharaoh of the eighth dynasty lies in the same region as the pyramid of Téti. Both pyramids the most southerly of Saqqara belong to the thirteenth roisde dynasty. They are built of bricks dried what characterizes much time model. The owner of one of them was Khendjer, while the other remained in anonymity.

   Pyramids  In Egypt

الاهرامات في مصر 

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