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DIVING IN EGYPT            الغوص في مصر

Diving in Egypt

Egypt red sea diving

Egypt red sea diving When practice diving in Egypt? The best time for diving is from May to august. The high season is between April and October. The water temperature ranges between 19 c in winter (December - January) and up to 27 c in summer (July - august). Visibility: about 20m.

And sometimes 30m. Diving with rare species in Egypt Egypt, and the red sea in general, offers diversity in marine (fauna and flora) impressive. Hard and soft coral and many pelagic species. You probably come across species like the dugong, octopus, clown fish, scorpion fish, silky sharks, goby, or tortoise.

Moreover, Egypt has created many reserves to preserve the coral and recreate a world diving ideal for scuba diving. Tourism earth is no exception and deserves a detour: desert .. . Some diving spots in Egypt and red sea Safaga: Considered by many divers as the new Mecca for diving. Controlled urbanization has preserved Safaga of mass tourism. Indeed, only a dozen hotels are identified on the bay of Safaga. This has contributed to the preservation of sites that did not undergo the visit of thousands of divers simultaneously. You also show many wrecks and barriers on the following sites: blue hole, brothers, Elphinstone, Naama bay, Ras Mohamed, Ras um, Sid of Gubal straits, and straits of Tiran ...

Underwater diving الغوص تحت الماء
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El gouna Egypt الجونة مصر
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Diving in Red sea الغوص في البحر الاحمر
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